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A History of the Show Awards

Each year, the Bourne Show awards a selection of cups and prizes to the winners of the various categories of exhibits in the Flower Show.  Many of these awards have been in place since the very early years of the Bourne Show, and commemorate friends of the Village who have supported the Show over the years.  The Bourne Show Committee undertook this year to try and research the history of these awards, and find out a little more about their origins. To this end, we would be very pleased to hear from anyone who may be able to shed further light on some of the names of the donors.  Please contact Sally Wooding, telephone 01252 726071 or email

The Ostrer Rose Bowl: To be held for one year by the exhibitor obtaining first prize in Section 2, Class 25. Mrs. Ostrer was a resident of Greenhill Road in the Bourne known for her beautiful annual display of hybrid tea roses.  She often opened her garden for charity, particularly for the Arthritis charity, the Horder Centre in Sussex.

The Ron Watts Memorial Plate:  To be held for one year by the exhibitor gaining first prize in Section 2, Class 35. Ron Watts was a member of the Royal Horticultural Society and a great friend of the Bourne Show.  He regularly judged the Flower and Vegetable Sections of the Show, and is remembered for his particular fondness for Delphiniums.  This Plate was donated in his memory by the Show Committee in 2010.

The Morris Cup:  To be held for one year by the exhibiter gaining the most points in Section 1

The Richards Cup:  To be held for one year by the exhibitor gaining the most points in Section 3.  We believe the Richards family resided in Frensham Vale.

The Mitchell Cup:  To be held for one year by the exhibitor gaining the most points in Section 3.  Mr. Frank Mitchell, the designer of the jet engine, and his wife lived in Frensham Vale after the war.  Mrs. Mitchell was a philanthropic lady and a well known face about the village that regularly held garden parties, opening her beautiful garden to local visitors.  She also acted as the opener of the Show on several occasions in the early years.

The Bourne Business Cup:  To be held for one year by the exhibitor gaining the most points in Section 5.  This Cup was donated for the very first Show by the proprietors of the shops and businesses in the Village.  The Bourne Show was first held in 1947, and was the idea of Mr. Ernie Gudge, who owned the now unused garage on the corner of Burnt Hill Road and Mr. Ted Sewell, who owned the Chemist Shop.  These two gentlemen wanted to organize some light-hearted entertainment for the village after the austerity of the War years, and so, the Bourne show evolved.  This cup was the gift of Mr. Gudge and Mr. Sewell together with Mr. Daniels, who ran a Butchers Shop (where the hairdresser is now), A. J. “Bunny” Morris, who ran a printing business, Mrs. A. Beresford, who ran a tea rooms (where the newsagent is now), Mr. W. Enticott, Mr. T. Heath and a company called Worner Bros.

The Peggy Goebel Cup:  To be held for one year by the exhibitor gaining the most points in Section 5.  Mrs. Goebel lived for many years in Old Frensham Road and was a regular entrant in the Flower Show for a period approaching 50 years.  She is remembered for her fine pieces of needlework and in particular cross stitch embroidery and her very fine Victoria Sandwich cake! This Cup was donated in her memory by her children after her death in 2005.

The Bourne Show Committee Cup:  To be held for one year by the exhibitor gaining the most points in Section 6.  This cup was donated by the organizing Committee of the Show and was originally awarded for Domestic entries until the Photography Sections was included in 2005.

The Children’s Sections:  There are five shields awarded in the Children’s Sections for Flower Arranging, Aged under 5’s, Aged 6 to 8, Aged 9 to 11 and Aged 12 and over.  The wooden shields were made and donated in 2006 by Mr. George Freeman, a good friend of the Bourne Show who kindly volunteered to make these lovely shields as prizes for the children’s classes.

Prizes:  First Prize £1.00;  Second Prize 60p; Third Prize 40p.

The 2016 Bourne Show will take place on Saturday 16th July 2016, 12.30-5pm

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